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저희들은 전세계의 드라이빙 여행을 좋아하는 스탭들로 구성된 팀입니다.
예약 절차가 간단해 보기 쉬워진 상품들이 마련되있고
탄탄한 여행 업계에서의 경험이 바탕이 되, 서비스를 자신있게 어느 누구에게 추천 드릴 수 있는 서비스라고 생각합니다.

RentingCarz.com은 세계에서 생기가 넘치고 다양한 도시중, 두 곳의 본사가 있습니다. 미국 플로리다주의 마이애미와 아랍에미리트 연방 토후국의 두바이에 위치해 있습니다.

구성 팀원



Grace Villamayor

CEO & President of RentingCarz.com

Grace is the head honcho, having joined RentingCarz in 2013
to run the company and to lead the international expansion.
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and residing in Miami, Grace brings a wealth of knowledge to Rentingcarz with over 20 years experience in the rent a car industry. The inspiration for Rentingcarz comes from wanting to develop a booking platform for car rental that is truly inspired by people who travel and want independence while doing so. New challenges, adventure and traveling is just a way of life for Grace...

Gina Costa

CEO RentingCarz Arabia

Gina develops and oversees the business strategy of RentingCarz Arabia.
She runs the show within the region...
Born in Australia and residing in Dubai, UAE. Gina has over 20 years experience in the rent a car and travel industry. Having lived across three continents and now based in the Middle East for over 5 years - traveling to unusual and exotic places is really a passion...

Mahdi Alwazir

Chief Marketing Officer

Mahdi manages the communication strategy of RentingCarz Arabia.
You will be hearing from him...
With a multicultural background and 20 years experience in advertising client and agency side within the region He gets what customers want - as a bonus he knows everything about cool cars....

Juan Camilo Restrepo

Chief Technology Officer

Juan Camilo, aka JC, is the mastermind behind the cutting edge technology at RentingCarz.
He 'keeps our engine running' no pun intended...
Born in Latin America, as a child, JC was fascinated with the latest gadgets and channeled this passion into developing some very cool technology. JC's philosophy on 'people inspired technology' resonates throughout RentingCarz DNA. He is a huge supporter of giving back to the community and encourages the development of programs to support this within RentingCarz.

Nina Jenkins

Product Manager

Nina gets you the best deals and offers.
A British/Norwegian TCK (Third Culture Kid) growing up in South Africa, France, UK and the UAE. She understands the importance of culture and diversity in business -plus has some great travel advise for the trail blazers...

Claire-Anne Russelle

Digital Manager

Claire-Anne is behind content and social media.
Be sure to accept her invitations to join our network of friends.
Born in France in beautiful town of Versailles, having worked in various countries in Europe, Claire-Anne brings some great travel ideas and tips especially great restaurants to visit...

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