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Caribbeans News Now!, Growing number of travellers doing online research prior to booking travel

Jan 31, 2014

CaribvoiceRadio, Est with our special guest Grace Villamayor, CEO, Rentalcarz.com as she shares her vision for rental car bookings from Caribbean and Latin America locations to USA ...

Feb 24, 2014

Caribbean News: New Car Rental Site Offers Caribbean Travellers User-Friendly System for Lowest Rates

Nov 01, 2013

RentingCarz.com rolls out rental car offers this holiday season

Discount Car rental website provides travelers with a one-stop-shop for all their car rental needs this holiday season

MIAMI, Fla. – November, 2013

RentingCarz.com takes the guesswork out of car rental

Created in Latin America for Latin America, it’s the first car rental site to offer travelers a user-friendly system for the lowest rates in the biz

MIAMI, Fla. - October 15, 2013

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