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What do I need to rent a car?

- ‌A valid, active, physical driver's license from your home country. If a driver's license is not in Roman Alphabet, an International Driving Permit will be required. - A valid and physical credit card under the driver's name (No virtual cards or credit cards without printed name). Both credit card and driver's license must be under the same name as reservation. - There may be exceptions on requirements depending on the destination country. Please check with our online chat for any questions you may have. - Security Deposit: The car rental supplier will hold or charge a deposit to your credit card. This amount will be realesed after the rental is completed, if no additional services are accepted. The amount will vary depending on the destination. lease check with our online chat for any questions you may have.

How old do I need to be to rent a car?

The minimum age to rent a car in the USA is 20 years. Drivers between the ages of 20-24 years must pay an additional surcharge of around US$ 25/day. Some companies provide offers in which they reduce or wave ​this surcharge, please check with our online chat for more information. Drivers of 25 years and above do not have any surcharges to rent a car.

What is the PROMO Rate?

This is simply the lowest rate you will find in the market. When car rental companies have too many unrented cars, instead of having the car sit in the lot, they give us deep discounted rates so we can sell them. This rate can only be prepaid and it’s not refundable. Once you pay online and complete the reservation, the company will be revealed to you. You are guaranteed to get one of our reliable and reputable partners.  

Is it better to prepay my car rental or to pay at destination?

It is really a matter of preference. Both rates are guaranteed on our site at time of reservation. Prepaying your rental offers certain advantages such as a faster rental process when you arrive to pick up your car, budget your total trip expenses better, and free up your credit card limit. Also, you may find lower rates when you prepay than when you pay at destination.

What are the insurance services offered at the car rental counters?

CDW/LDW: It's a collision protection that covers the car you are renting from the car rental company. It doesn’t have a deductible in the US in case of an accident. Liability Insurance: It protects you in case of damages to another car in case of an accident, or hurting passengers or pedestrians. Super CDW: Only available in Europe. It's the same type of protection than the CDW, but it has no deductible in case of accidents. These coverages are included in many of the rates we offer in our site. It is highly recommended you select a rate that has these protection options included, as the cost of buying them at the counter is much more expensive. The cost for the CDW/LDW tends to be above $25/day while the Liability Insurance can go above $15.99/day if they are bought at the counter.

How can I pay for my car rental reservation?

There are 3 ways for you to pay for your reservation.

Prepaying your reservation on our site, using your credit or debit card during the reservation process and choosing the Pay Now option. Pay your rental in cash in US Dollars or Euros (in Europe only) when you rent or return your car. Regardless of method of payment, you will require a valid credit card. Pay using your credit card when you pick up your car, at the counter of the car rental company you reserved.

What guarantee do I have that I am reserving the best rates?

RentingCarz offers the best rate guaranteed, or we will refund the difference. If you find the same car, from the same car rental company with the same rate and inclusions for a lesser value, we will refund you the difference.

Can I pay for my rental in local currency from my country?

Of course, you can pay your rent in your local currency through our website. Just select the currency you want to pay in from the menu at the top of the page. Please note that there may be special conditions for some countries.

Is it better to reserve my car in advance or to ask for rates when I arrive at my destination?

It is always better to reserve your car in advance. Among the key advantages are: The rate you reserve in advance tends to be much lower than what you will find at the counter. The rates offered at the counters are basic rates and do not include any type of coverages for collision (CDW/LDW) or liability insurance, which tends to be extraordinarily higher at the counter, prices ranging from $25/day for CDW/LDW to $11.99 for liability insurance. The rates that include these benefits are much lower than if you were to buy these optional services at the counter. Your guaranteed availability. Imagine arriving at your destination with bags and/or family only to find out there are no cars available to rent because the car rental companies only have enough cars for the clients who reserved in advance. This happens frequently and the alternatives for transportation are much more expensive or less safe or less convenient than renting a car. The more in advance you reserve your car, the better the rate you are likely you get. Car rental companies change their prices everyday based on how many cars they have available. Every day they receive more reservations and the more reservations they receive, the less cars they have available to rent, therefore their prices tend to increase as you get closer to your rental date.

Which rate do you recommend as the best product for my rental?

The best rate is always the one that has the collision protection and liability insurance included in them. Reserving these rates will offer you peace of mind and significant savings in case of an accident, it also offers you very significant savings over the cost of buying the same services at the counter of the car rental company.

Can I pay for my rental in cash instead of using a credit card?

Yes you can. These are the options you have to pay for your rental: Pay a deposit in cash when you pick up your car. This is only currently available in the state of Florida, USA. You must also present your return air ticket, drivers license, pay in advance for the total amount you reserved your car for and leave a deposit in cash which can be up to 2 times the total amount of your reservation. This option is only available in the basic categories of cars (Economy through Minivan) and only when you rent from Alamo, Dollar, Hertz, National & Thrifty. Present your credit card as a guarantee for any additional expenses. When you return your car, you can tell the personal at the counter that you don't want the charges to go through your credit card and that you would like to pay in cash, another credit card or debit card. You can do this at any car rental location at any destination.

Can I pay for my rental with a debit card?

Some car rental companies accept debit cards as form of payment but not all do. If a debit card is accepted, the car rental company may decide to do a background check of your credit in order to determine if they will accept your debit card to rent you the car. Your balance will require sufficient funds to cover the rental and the security deposit. All car rental companies accept a valid physical credit card and it is the best method of payment.

I need a baby seat

Baby seats are widely available at the counters of all car rental companies. It is not necessary to reserve the baby seat in advance, as the companies carry excess inventory to cover all needs in regards to baby seats. You can ask the counter agent of your car rental company to rent you one. Prices to rent a baby seat vary per company and city, but average $11.99 - $15/ day.

I want to reserve a specific model of vehicle

There are only a limited group of vehicles that are guaranteed a specific car model. The only models guaranteed to receive the same car reserved are in the categories of Sport Cars and Celebrity in our results matrix. All other cars can only be guaranteed as a car group, as the car rental companies group their cars by groups not models. When you reserve any other category of cars from our matrix you will receive either the same model you reserved or something similar.

What documentation do I need to rent a car?

For rentals in the USA: Valid driver's license from your home country. Valid physical credit card under the same name on the reservation (exceptions are when you want to rent the car with a cash deposit). Virtual cards are not accepted. For Rentals in Europe: Valid driver's license from your home country. If your driver's license is in a language other than English or the language of the country you want to rent a car from, you also need an International Driving Permit. Valid physical credit card under the same name on the reservation. Virtual cards are not accepted.

What happens if my flight is delayed and I arrive later than the reserved time?

If your flight is delayed by a few hours, the car rental company will honor your reservation and you do not need to make any changes to your existing reservation. If your flight is delayed for several hours or days, you need to make a change to your reservation or make a new reservation. To change your reservation you can contact RentingCarz via chat, telephone or email. RentingCarz will not charge you anything for any changes you need to make to your reservation, but the car rental companies may change their rates at any time, therefore any changes you make to your original reservation may have additional charges from the car rental company. Please review carefully the rate differences and extra charges before making any changes to your reservation.

What happens if I return my car after the return hour listed in my reservation?

The rental periods of the car rental companies are in 24 hour increments. If you rent a car at 3 PM, you have until 3PM of your return date to return the car without any extra charges. Some companies offer grace periods of 20 mins without charges but other companies do not and they will charge you extra for returning the car later than what is listed in your reservation. If you reservation is for a period of less than the 24 hours, (renting your car at 3 PM, but returning the car at 11 AM) you should not have any extra charges if you return the car a bit later than the returned time, as long as you fall within the 24 hours period the companies charge for. In some cases, a late return of 5 minutes may have extra charges to you by the car rental company.

How can I extend my reservation if I want to keep the car longer than what I originally reserved?

The best option is to contact RentingCarz to help you find the best way to extend your reservation. In some cases it's better to return the car you have rented and make a new reservation because the cost of extending a rental may be significantly higher to the original reservation.

Can anybody else drive my rental car?

Some of the rates we offer already include an additional driver at no extra cost. In the case you want to include other drivers, please let the counter personal of your rental company know of these drivers. If an unauthorized person is driving your rental car and is involved in an accident, the protection and insurance services you bought at the counter are void, therefore it's extremely important you let the car rental company know of any additional drivers that will be driving your rental car.

How can I add a GPS to my reservation?

We offer rates that include the GPS in the reservation. This is the best option in order to ensure availability and save you money. The rates with GPS we offer are considerably lower than the cost of the GPS at the counter. If after you arrive at your destination you decide you need a GPS, you may ask the counter personal of the car rental company for the cost and availability to rent it with your car.

What measures have you implemented due to the COVID-19 situation?

We understand the uncertainty COVID-19 has wreaked in our communities.  For this reason, we’ve changed our policies to give you peace of mind and ease when booking a car rental with us. New reservations: We want you to book with ease and confidence. Reserve your rental car now and we offer you total flexibility to change your reservation without fines or additional charges, should you need it. Cleaning measures: Your safety is our priority. Our car rental partners take your safety very seriously. They have implemented several measures through the systematic use of disinfecting agents for the cars, key stations and counters. In addition, “zero contact policy” is being enforced. In some cases, they have chosen to deliver disinfected car keys sealed in an envelope to customers. Ready to travel? If you need to reserve a car, it is important that you check your government's notices on the official pages that have been made available to report the outbreak and traveler notices (if any). Below are official government links on travel notices and information regarding COVID-19. Canada, CDC, European Union, France, USA.


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