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A tour through Wynwood Art District

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A tour through Wynwood Art District

Miami is an energetic city that captivates the more than 12 million tourists that visit each year with it’s white sand beaches, enormous shopping centers, sophisticated restaurants, and packed festivals. But for several years not, Miami has also been referred to as an important arts scene, because of places such as Art Basel, the most important art festival in the United States.

Those who enjoy art and find themselves in Miami don’t have to do more than drive their rental car to Wynwood, a neighborhood 5 minutes from downtown Miami with it’s mix of workshops, museums, and galleries. In 2009 the walls of the stored in Wynwood were transformed into enormous canvases and in 2010 graffiti and urban artists had the opportunity to show their works.

In this ‘street museum’ artists from the United States, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, the Ukraine, Greece, Germany, Spain, France, and Japan among others have exhibited their work. Since it’s inauguration more than 50 artists from 16 countries have decorated more than 80,000 square feet of walls in Wynwood. Aiko from Japan, the Brazilians know as Os Gêmeos, and north americans Shepard Fairey and Ron English are some of the celebrated artists who have left their mark here.

The magical cocktail of urban art, galleries, bars, restaurants, and good music has put Wynwood on the pages of the most prestigious international media such as The New York Times, The BBC, and Forbes who call Wynwood one of the trendiest neighborhoods of the United States.

These pieces of urban art in Wynwood can be appreciated by rental car as it’s almost unnecessary to get out of the car in order to enjoy them. And at night, there’s nothing petter than ending a trip through Wynwood than a stop at one of the restaurants there such as The Wynwood Kitchen and Bar or Joey’s.

A good time to visit the Wynwood Art District is the second Saturday of each month when they celebrate the neighborhood with the Wynwood Art Walk. Museums, galleries and workshops open their doors to visitors and offer music and free drinks.

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