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Free WIFI connection in Miami from your rental car

Miami has a wireless Internet service provided by the same business that offers it in New York and San Francisco, which covers 400 access points in emblematic parts of the city.

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Strolling through Coral Gables in your rental car

Coral Gables is an ideal place to go with a rental car, allowing you to move around very easily through the large avenues, and visit the most emblematic places of the neighborhood walk.

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Carnaval in Miami: Celebrations in La Milla y Calle Ocho

Those who will be in Miami or Orlando in March, who are visiting Disney or Universal by rental car must not miss the opportunity to visit the Carnaval of Miami. A true family celebration offering food, dance, drinks, musical shows and live entertainment.

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What is there to do in Downtown Disney?

Downtown Disney is not a theme park, it’s an excellent nighttime attraction for those staying at Disney’s resort hotels or anyone nearby who might want to come by rental car.

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Visiting the Miami Zoo with your rental car

The Miami Zoo focus on conservation and education on caring for the environment, it’s possible to see everything from Bengal tigers to black rhinoceros, African elephants, Himalayan bears, kangaroos, leopards, grey gorillas, Saharan antelopes, and Komodo dragons. Don't miss this exotic resort when visiting Orlando.

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5 Top Things to Consider When Renting a Car

Modern highways, extremely affordable costs of vehicle rentals, and the ability to better control your time during your trip, are all good reasons why renting a car during your stay in the United States is a very convenient option.

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8 Tips for visiting theme parks in Orlando

Taking a rental car to get to Orlando’s theme parks is a good option, as the parks are located within a 24 km (15 mile) radius, which makes it easy to get from one to the other.

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