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Can I book if I am not resident in the Middle East ?

No. All rates offered on require that renters are residents of a Middle Eastern country. All Car Rental companies have the right to ask you for your foreign driver's license or resident information at time of rental collection.

What guarantee do I have that I am reserving the best rates?

RentingCarz offers the best rate guaranteed, or we will refund the difference. If you find the same car, from the same car rental company with the same rate and inclusions for a lesser value, we will refund you the difference.

Is it better to prepay my rental or to pay at destination?

It is really a matter of preference. Both rates are guaranteed on our site at time of reservation. Prepaying your rental offers certain advantages such as a faster rental process when you arrive to pick up your car, budget your total trip expenses better, free up your credit card limit for other things such as shopping, dining or whatever else you prefer. Also, you may find lower rates when you prepay then when you pay at destination. The choice is yours based on your preference.

How can I pay for my reservation?

There are two options to reserve and pay for your reservation
  1. Prepaying your reservation on our site, using your credit or debit card during the reservation process and choosing the Pay Now option.
  2. Pay using your credit card when you pick up your car, at the counter of the car rental company you reserved.

Can I pay for my rental in local currency from my country?

We have many of the regional Middle Eastern currencies available for our prepaid rental rates. However if you decided to book a rate that will be paid upon arrival at the car rental desk, so our Pay at Destination rate that will be payable in the currency of the country you are collecting the car in.
For example if you have reserved a car in Paris on our Pay at Destination rate, then you will settle your bill in Euro.

Is it better to reserve my car in advance or to ask for rates when I arrive at my destination?

Reserving your car in advance provides you with these Key advantages:

- The rate you reserve in advance tends to be much lower than what you will find at the counter.

- The rates offered at the counters are basic rates and do not include any type of coverage for collision (CDW/LDW) or liability insurance, which tend to be extraordinarily higher at the counter. The rates that include these benefits are much lower than if you were to buy these optional services at the counter.

- You are guaranteed availability. Imagine arriving at your destination with bags and/or family only to find out there are no cars available to rent because the car rental companies only have enough cars for the clients who reserved in advance. This happens frequently and the alternatives for transportation are much more expensive or less safe or less convenient than renting a car.

- Booking your car in advance means you secure a better rate and are guaranteed to get a car when you arrive at your destination. Car rental companies change their prices daily based on how many cars they have available. As there reservations increase the availability becomes limited. Once the availability is limited their prices tend to increase. In the summer and peak months, especially in Europe, they are sold out well in advance.

What are the insurance services offered at the car rental counters?

Below is an overview on the different options offered at the counter of a car rental company:

Collision Damage Wavier CDW/Liability Damage Wavier LDW: It is collision insurance that covers the car you are renting from the car rental company. It doesn’t have a deductible or excess in the US in case of an accident.

Liability Insurance: It protects you in case of damages to another car incase of an accident, or hurting passengers or pedestrians.

Super CDW: Only available outside the USA, so predominately in Europe and the Middle Eastern countries. It’s the same type of protection as CDW, but it has no deductible or excess in case of accidents.

The above coverage and protection options are included in some of the rates package options we offer on our site. We have done this to make it easy for you to understand what is on offer when purchasing your insurance options. It is highly recommended you select a rate that has these protection options included, as it streamlines your counter experience at time of vehicle collection and also can save you money.

Some additional options available at the counter that are not mandatory but could be of interest and you can accept or reject to buy them based on your preference. The cost for them can vary between countries, cities and car rental companies

Personal Effects Insurance: This is to cover your personal items when traveling with your rental car.

Premium Roadside Assistance: PRA Extended service in case you run out of gas, lock the key inside your car, lose the keys to your car rental.

Which rate do you recommend as the best product for my rental?

The best rate is always the one that has the Collision Protection and Liability Insurance included in them.
Reserving these rates will offer you piece of mind and significant savings in case of an accident it also offers you very significant savings over the cost of buying the same services at the counter of the car rental company.

Can I pay for my rental in cash instead of using a credit card?

Most car rental companies do not like to accept cash payments for rentals.
However it maybe able to be accommodated at certain locations around the world if organized prior. We would encourage you to contact our call center directly and we can help identify if the location and car rental company you are wanting to rent with will accommodate a cash payment.

Can I pay for my rental with a debit card?

Yes you can prepay with a debit card at time of purchase on our site, but must have a credit card to put down at the rental location at time of collection of the vehicle.

I need a baby seat

Baby seats are widely available at the counters of all car rental companies. It is not necessary to reserve the baby seat in advance, as the companies carry excess inventory to cover all needs in regards to baby seats. You can ask the counter agent of your car rental company to rent you one. Price to rent a baby seat vary per company and city, but average $11.99 - $15/ day.

How old do I need to be to rent a car?

The minimum age to rent a car in general around the world is 25 years of age. Drivers who are aged between 21 and 25 can rent a car with some car rental companies but may attract an extra mandatory insurance. Some companies offer promotions, which reduce or limit this surcharge. You may find the information about this promotion in the PROMOTIONS section of our site. Drivers of 25 years and above do not have any surcharges to rent a car.

I want to reserve a specific model of vehicle

There are only a limited group of vehicles that are guaranteed a specific car model.
The only models guaranteed to receive the same car reserved are in the categories of Sport Cars and Celebrity in our results matrix.
All other cars can only be guaranteed as a car group, as the car rental companies group their cars by groups not models. When you reserve any other category of cars from our matrix you will receive either the same model you reserved or something similar.

What documentation do I need to rent a car?

For rentals in the USA: Valid drivers license from your home country. Credit card under the same name on the reservation (exceptions are when you want to rent the car with a cash deposit)

For Rentals in Europe and Middle-Eastern countries: Valid drivers license from your home country. If your driver’s license is in a language other than English or the language of the country you want to rent a car from, you also need an International Driving Permit. Valid credit card under the same name on the reservation

Please note that in many Middle Eastern countries, a photocopy of your Passport/Identity Card is required at time of rental collection.

What happens if my flight is delayed and I arrive later than the reserved time?

If your flight is delayed by a few hours, the car rental company will honor your reservation and you do not need to make any changes to your existing reservation.
If your flight is delayed by a few hours, the car rental company will honor your reservation and you do not need to make any changes to your existing reservation.
If your flight is delayed for several hours or days, you need to make a change to your reservation or make a new reservation. To change your reservation you can make the changes directly in our site under the section MY RESERVATION, or by contacting RentingCarz via telephone or email. Our contact details are on our site. RentingCarz will not charge you anything for any changes you need to make to your reservation, but the car rental companies may change their rates at any time, therefore any changes you make to your original reservation may have additional charges from the car rental company. Please review carefully rate differences and extra charges before making any changes to your reservation.

What happens if I return my car after the return hour listed in my reservation?

The rental periods of the car rental companies are for 24 hours. If you rent a car at 3 PM, you have until 3PM of your return date to return the car without any extra charges. Some companies offer grace periods of 20 mins without charges but other companies do not and they will charge you extra for returning the car later than what is listed in your reservation.
If you reserved returning the car for a period of less than the 24 period the companies charge for (renting your car at 3 PM, but returning the car at 11) you should not have any extra charges if you return the car a bit later than the reserved time, as long as you fall within the 24 hours period the companies charge for. A late return of 5 minutes may have extra charges to you by the car rental company.

How can I extend my reservation if I want to keep the car longer than what I originally reserved?

The best option is to contact RentingCarz to help you find the best way to extend your reservation. In some cases its better to return the car you have rented and make a new reservation because the cost of extending a rental may be significantly higher to the original reservation.

How can I add a GPS to my reservation?

We offer rates that include the GPS in the reservation. This is the best option in order to ensure availability and save you money. The rates with GPS we offer are considerably lower than the cost of the GPS at the counter.
If after you arrive at your destination you decide you need a GPS, you may ask the counter personal of the car rental company for the cost and availability to rent it with your car.

Can anybody else drive my rental car?

Some of the rates we offer already include an additional driver at no extra cost. In the case you want to include other drivers, please let the counter personal of your rental company know of these drivers. If an unauthorized person is driving your rental car and is involved in an accident, the protection and insurance services you bought at the counter are void, therefore its extremely important you let the car rental company know of any additional drivers that will be driving you rental car.