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Fill a gas tank in the USA

Who hasn’t found themselves in a rental car in Miami, Orlando, or another city in the United States, parked in front of a gas dispenser for a few minutes without understanding why no one comes to help and perplexed by the cost per liter?

We’d like to help those of you thinking to rent a car in USA to avoid this situation. The price of gasoline is expressed in gallons instead of liters in the United States; a gallon is about 3.78 liters. The cost, after it dropped steeply at the end of 2014, is between $ 1.70 and $ 2.40 pero gallon. This means that to fill an average tank will cost between $22 and $31 dollars; a pretty low cost keeping in mind that just a few months ago it cost about 60% more.

It’s important to let you know that when you arrive at the gas station no one will come to attend you, because in State of  Florida and most other states everyone fills their own gas tank. To do so you must first turn the motor off, put the car in P (Park), and press the button that opens the gas tank cover. This button is usually located next to the button that opens the trunk, on the floor of the car near the bottom of the door. Next, remove the nozzle and lift the plastic receptacle of the handle, and insert the nozzle into the tank. After that, it’s necessary to choose the type of gas you want and to press the corresponding button to get the gas flowing.

It’s not necessary to use Plus or Premium, since the car rentals don’t mind if you use regular gas. The nozzle will stop the flow of gas automatically when the prepaid amount has been reached or when the tank is full.

To pay by credit or debit card, slide it in the magnetic reader on the gas dispenser. It’s possible that, if your card was not issued in the United States, you won’t be able to use it because you will be asked for your zip code. In this case, you’ll have to pay in cash. To do so you’ll have to go inside and pre-pay the amount you want. If you want to fill the tank you can leave $ 50 and then go back inside for the change.

Save time and money and next time you reserve a car, go to www.rentingcarz.com and select the rate Full Protection + Gas, where you will have the tank of gas already included in your rate for a very small difference in price, this means you can return the car completely empty and you will not be charged anything additional when you return your car rental. 

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