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어떤 여행에 따라 렌터카를 대여할 수 있는 6종의 차량

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어떤 여행에 따라 렌터카를 대여할 수 있는 6종의 차량

At RentingCarz you can rent a car by internet at the best price with the most reputable companies on the market. It’s as simple as choosing the best rental car for your purposes between a great variety of compact cars, family cars, convertibles, SUVs, minivans, sports cars, and luxury cars.

But which is the right car for your vacation? The answer has to do with who’s traveling - a couple a family with kid? And what do you plan to do in the car? Whether it’s only for urban use or you’ll be driving on unpaved or difficult to navigate roads will influence your choice as well. You’ll also need to be clear about what level of comfort you want, and which functions are important to you or not in a rental car. And finally it’s necessary to have your budget in mind.

1. A compact car is a rental car option that fits perfectly for those traveling alone, a couple, or a small family since this type of car has a maximum capacity of 4 or 5 passengers. They have either 2 or 4 doors with trunks that can hold medium sized suitcases. There are also the most economical cars. Some of the rental cars in this category are Toyota Yaris, Chevrolet Aveo, Kia Rio, Ford Fiesta, Chevy Spark, and Ford Focus, among others.

2. The mid-sized vehicle or sedan is a rental car option that fits medium sized families who want to drive comfortably and pay a good price. Some of the rental cars found in this category are Toyota Yaris, Chevrolet Aveo, Kia Rio, Ford Fiesta, Chevy Spark, and Ford Focus.

3. SUV’s and trucks are higher vehicles can hold families with up to 7 members or those who travel with lots of luggage. Depending on the characteristics and performance of each model, these can be very good vehicles for adventure tourism. Some 5-passenger vehicles in this category are Toyota Rav4, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Equinox, Chevrolet Captiva, Dodge Journey, and Hyundai Tucson among others. For 7 passengers, there's the Chevy Suburban, Chevy Traverse, Dodge Durango Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition, and Nissan Pathfinder among other models.

4. Minivans and Maxivans are for large families or families traveling together. Some that belong to this group are Dodge Gran Caravan, Toyota Sienna, and Chrysler Town & Country. Maxivans are large enough to hold up to 15 passengers. The most popular in this category are Ford Clubwagon, Chevy Express 1500, and Nissan NV3500.

5. Luxury cars are generally reserved by people who want to spend their vacations driving rental cars that are equal to or better than the cars they drive normally. Some consider this to be a special perk of the vacation. And other simply want to drive vehicles of the same style and function as those to which they are accustomed. Some of the rental cars in this category are Volvo S60, Mercedes C o E Class, Cadillac CTS, Toyota Avalon, and BMW serie 3.

6. Sports cars and convertibles are rental cars sought out by couples or single people who come either for business or pleasure that want to raise the level of adrenaline, glamour, and energy that the city already offers. Ford Mustang convertible, Chevrolet SS convertible, and Corvette are among the most popular.

With this information in hand all that’s left is to decide, and to know that RentingCarz offers the best prices on rental cars that include GPS in your language, insurance, full gas tank, and many other services.

Rent a car, minivan or SUV in Miami through RentingCarz at the best price with the most reputable rental companies on the market. Reserve a car online and fully enjoy Miami and other destinations, such as Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Las Vegas, Houston.


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