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San José, Costa Rica is the capital of the Republic of Costa Rica and one of the most visited destinations of Centra America. This city, said to be one of the safest in Latin America, receives around 5 million tourists each year, of which 70% are from North America.

The Metropolitan Area of the city of San José includes 14 municipalities among which are Goicoechea, Santa Ana, and Alajuelita. This Metropolitan Area, along with the Metropolitan Areas of Alajuela, Cartago y Heredia, forms the Greater Metropolitan Area of the city.

Renting a car in Costa Rica is an adventurous option for discovering San José, allowing you to freely enjoy it’s landscapes without depending in the schedule or frequency of public transportation, but instead setting up your own route according to your desire and time frame. Through RentingCarz it’s possible to reserve a rental car in Costa Rica (preferably a 4x4), by Internet with the most reputable companies on the market. Upon arriving at the San José International Airport, you just have to present your Car Rental voucher at the rental counter along with a valid driver’s license and credit card in the same name in order to start your journey.

There’s no better way to start than visiting the historic city center and marveling at the theaters, churches, and homes there that hearken to the strong European influence on the architecture of the city. The National Theater of Costa Rica, for example, combines New Renaissance and Baroque styles and is considered a work of art in the city.

To continue to explore San José, Costa Rica you can drive your rental car to all the city’s museums where you can see historical, scientific, and art exhibitions. The National Museum of Costa Rica has a pre-columbian exhibit and the Central Costa Rican Science and Culture Museum boast both the Children’s Museum and the National Auditory Theater. In the Plaza de la Cultural you can visit the Central Bank Museum with it’s pre-columbian Gold Collection, which features 1,700 pre-hispanic pieces from 500 to 155 BCE. There’s also the Jade Museum with the largest collection of jade in the world.

After visiting the museums there’s nothing better than getting in your rented car to drive to the city’s Historic Heritage building - La Sabana. This Metropolitan Park located in the Mata Redonda District in the west of the city is know as the ‘Lung of San José’. It’s 178 acres (72 hectares) provide space for a great variety of trees (cypress, eucalyptus, poró etc.), green spaces for picnics, paths, a large lake, swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, and soccer fields, among other activities.

Youngsters can have fun at the Simón Bolívar Zoo, located in the neighborhood of Otoya in the northwest of the city. This park has a great variety of animals and also a large Botanic Garden dedicated to the conservation of native species of Costa Rica.

Last but not least the National Amusement park, located in La Uruca district, is another wonderful destination for children. The park has many mechanical attractions for different ages, an Arcade, a theme zone called “Pueblo Antiguo” which recreates the antique San José, and fast food restaurants as well as restaurants with Costa Rican and International foods.

Rent A Car in San Jose de Costa Rica and enjoy this exciting city in your car rental.

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