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6 Advices for visiting casinos in Las Vegas in a rented car

Every year 40 million tourists visit Las Vegas in search of first level entertainment. The city has a lot to offer for avid audiences of international shows, world-class restaurants, luxury hotels, and of course the adrenaline of the casinos.

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A Stroll along the San Antonio Riverwalk in your rental car

An interesting fact about the San Antonio Riverwalk is that the network of paths covers 2.5 miles along the shores of the river. The best way to see all the sights of this city is by rental car since it’s easy to drive in San Antonio.

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From New York to Niagara Falls in a rental car

To visit Niagara Falls in a rental car is an amazing experience, it is a wonder of nature right on the border between Canada and the United States.

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Driving down Lombard Street in your rental car

For those who have taken out a rental car and are enjoying the city of San Francisco, you should visit Lombard Street. The great attraction of this street is driving down it as if it were a roller coaster.

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Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas with your rental car

Las Vegas, is the city with that offers the most frequent Cirque du Soleil shows. If you are in Las Vegas today, and you have decided you want to check out a show, we suggest that you read the following paragraphs, before boarding your rental car.

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Celebrity Tour in Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive in your rental car

Beverly Hills area attracts thousands of tourists each year to fulfill a dream to see with their own eyes the streets where so many TV, cinema, and musical celebrities live and pass through daily. Those who would like to save a few dollars and do the celebrity tour on their own can rent a car and start the adventure!

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Roadtrip: Mulholland Drive in your Rental Car

Nothing is better than a trip along Mulholland, one of the most famous natural scenes in the world that stretches from the Hollywood Hills along the Santa Monica mountains toward the Pacific Ocean. The route promises the best views of the city, with incredible panoramas, as lovely to contemplate as to photograph.

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Visit the 5 Best Beaches in Los Angeles with your rental car

Those who are passing through southern California in rental cars will find sand and sea for everyone’s taste!

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