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Free WiFi in Miami

Free WiFi in Miami
{{blogInfo}} It’s fairly common to be visiting a city, either on vacation or for business, and while driving a rental car we’ve recently picked up from the car rental company we realize that we have forgotten to note down the address of a mall, restaurant, or perhaps convention center where we are going. We may have our smartphone or tablet with us to look up the information on the Internet, but it’s unlikely that we’ll have data since we are outside our own country and the cost to have it is quite expensive. It’s in this case that the free Internet connection which we can access on our way is as highly valued as an oasis in the desert.

Luckily Miami has a wireless Internet service provided by the same business that offers it in New York and San Francisco, which covers 400 access points in emblematic parts of the city. In this way Miami has become the third US city to offer its visitors free WIFI in the zones of Lenox Avenue, Collins Avenue, Miracle Mile, Flagler St, and Biscayne Blvd among others. Users only have to register from an access point in the network called “GOWEXWIFI” and then receive a username and password free of charge in order to access wireless internet for free.

12 thousand tourists in Miami can use this free WIFI connection that reaches speeds up to 1 mega, which is more than sufficient for a web-search, to upload a photo to a social network, or to send an email or whatsapp when we don’t want to get out of our rental car to look for a cafe or fast-food restaurant with WIFI.

In Orlando on the other hand, you will not find free WIFI in the street. However you can access it in Disney, Universal, cafes and restaurants. Also many hotels and resorts offer their guests the possibility to connect to internet for no cost. But nothing compares to having free access to the net in many different areas of the city so that you can be connected and communicating all the time and for free. In Miami that seems to be the case. Rent a car, minivan or SUV in Miami through RentingCarz at the best price with the most reputable rental companies on the market. Reserve a car online and fully enjoy Miami and other destinations, such as Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Las Vegas, Houston.


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