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Drive from Miami to Key West

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Drive from Miami to Key West


Renting a car from a car rental service and driving the four hours that separate Miami from Key West, can be a unique and unforgettable journey.

Key West is the last of the inhabited islands of Los Cayos archipelago, consisting of about 1700 islands South of Florida. The Overseas Highway runs almost a straight line of 127 miles, connecting the main islands. Driving down this curvy highway over the turquoise sea, offers a chance to enjoy incredible scenery and stop to eat at a restaurant or sip on a mojito at a bar, while taking in the magical sunset.


After passing the intersection of Overseas Highwayand Card Sound Road, there are some recommendable stops to make: starting with a sushi meal in Num-Thai, and then moving on to Cayo Largo (Long Key), Isla Morada, Marathon and Big Pine Key for more sights.


Upon arrival at Key West, it is highly recommended to visit the house where Ernest Hemingway lived; now a museum, open to the public. Those who like water activities will have a great time scuba diving or snorkling near the coral reef. It is also posible to rent jet skis, go parasailing or go on a sailing trip to enjoy and photograph the unique, orange Key West sunset, from the sea.


Surprisingly Key West is geographically closer to Cuba than to Miami, aproximately 90 miles away from the island. Although it isn’t likely to see the island from there, it is quite possible to capture the moment in a photo, as a testament to your time in Key West.


For those seeking nightlife in Key West, the clubs are an excellent choice.


Four tips to consider before departure:

The speed limit on the Overseas Highway is 45 miles per hour (72 km / h) during the day and 35 mph (54 km / h) at night. There are many traffic radars and speed controls throughout the route, and the fines can be expensive.

Along the way there are many gas stations so you do not have to worry about filling the tank when starting your trip.

It is legal to stop on the road to take pictures, as long as it is in a space designated on the right side of the road. It is also possible to park your car in free, designated rest stops to continue on walking paths by foot or bicycle.

It is convenient to rent a car that has no daily mile limits, so you don’t have any extra costs for your trip. RentingCarz, offers car rental services with unlimited miles.


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