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Rent a car in Los Angeles: From Los Angeles to Las Vegas

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Rent a car in Los Angeles: From Los Angeles to Las Vegas

From Los Angeles to Las Vegas


Ah, there is nothing like a rejuvenating road trip. Fresh air, good company, open road and endless adventures waiting to be explored. If you are looking for a unique quirky road trip in life that you will never forget, Los Angeles to Las Vegas is everything! Sure, you could drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in about 4.5 hours, but a slower route for 2-3 days will take you to the beautiful mountains, endless deserts and strange but fascinating attractions along the way.


There is only one thing that could make your road trip even better, and it is putting yourself in the driver's seat of a luxury rental car. Rent a car in Los Angeles and enjoy this unforgettable experience! Imagine crossing the highway in the car of your dreams without worries or stress, just good times and new views. RentingCarz can help make this a reality, with the best car rental companies.

We want your next road trip to be as epic as possible, so we've compiled a list of the best stops along the way during your rental car trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.



The Donut Man

Once you take the rental car and leave the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, you will begin to see a completely new side of California. Simple, industrial and desert land. You will see many small cities, each with its own unique culture along Route 66. It is crazy to think that all this is only an hour from LA!

Our first stop takes us to The Donut Man, an excellent place to enjoy a delicious breakfast full of sugar before embarking on the adventures ahead. Be sure to take a famous strawberry-filled donut or its peach-filled version! If you are a donut lover, this is a mandatory stop. We are drooling just thinking about it.


Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

Our second stop with our rental car during our road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas takes us to the Bottle Tree Ranch of Elmer. It is on a long stretch of road in Oro Grande. An artist created a really cool "forest" made of old colorful bottles, dolls, broken car parts, typewriters and more to create this beautiful scrap space. Trust us, you won't see anything like this anywhere else! It is a hidden and fun jewel that will make you happy to have stopped to see. In addition, the photographs you get are priceless.

After leaving, there is a cool ghost town near Sagebrush Inn. It is a cool road that looks exactly like it used to be in the old wild west.


Desert Discovery Center

A brief stop at the Desert Discovery Center is next on our list. It is home to the largest meteorite found in California, also known as "The Old Woman Meteorite." Think about it, how often will you have the opportunity to see a great meteorite?

Just 4 minutes down the road is the Western American Railroad Museum. It is another unique place where you can see and get on old rail cars. The Original Del Taco (1964) is also nearby if you want to eat something delicious!


The "Peggy Sue" diner

 Our next stop with our rental car is a staple of California on the road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas! Peggy Sue's Diner is historic, cheesy, and quite sticky, but that's part of what will help you have the good spirit of Las Vegas! It is also what makes this place so epic. The jukebox entry welcomes you upon entering. The building is divided into two sides, the restaurant / dining room on one side and the candy / 50 gift shop on the other. Peggy Sue's has all the classic dining food you expect to find, such as classic fries, apple pie, milkshakes and hamburgers.

You'll love retro candies, good music, tasty ice cream, 50-60 memories and strange mannequins scattered everywhere. Outside you will find a large garden with metallic dinosaurs. Don't say we don't let you know, this place is very fun and unique!


Mojave National Reserve

The beautiful Mojave National Reserve deserves a place on our list. Take additional time to head south on I-15 S for an hour and a half by rental car. Upon entering the Mojave National Reserve, you will see vast desert lands bathed in the sun, quicksand and rugged mountains. It is also home to lizards, trees, coyotes and other wild animals! Be sure to visit Kelso Dunes, the Ring Trail hiking circuit, and immerse yourself in all the incredible views.

If you want to spend the night here, it is an excellent intermediate point in our car rental trip to Los Angeles. There are plenty of free camping sites that remain open all year and have bathrooms. Two notables are Hole-in-the-Wall and Mid Hills. The experience is very primitive, but it can be revealing and a very fun adventure to mark your wish list! Also, it is worth catching an impressive sunrise in the desert.


Zzyzx Road

Crazy word right? Well, it only gets crazier when you embark at the exit. Only 4 miles down this narrow road is Camp Soda, a place whose history is so strange that it feels like it is a movie plot. This is a crazy doctor, a fake healing center and the federal government. It is completely open to the public so you can explore and investigate everything you want.

There is also a nearby abandoned water park, salinas, and the abandoned complex. Zzyzx Road is a detour that is worth taking if you love strange stories and spooky destinations.


Seven magic mountains

Created by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, these stacked colorful rocks have an impressive height of 30 feet. They represent the "creative expression of the human presence in the desert." Arriving before noon will also help to avoid tourist crowds. Since they are only 20 minutes south of Las Vegas, many people come to see this magnificent view!

Just 18 minutes away, with your rental car, at Whiskey Pete Casino, you can see the car of Bonnie and Clyde's death. You can also see his bloody shirt and other interesting documents. It is a fairly small exhibition but very fascinating to watch.


Las Vegas

Congratulations, you've arrived in Sin City! But this is not the great ending, the fun is just beginning. This crazy city full of fun is waiting for you to put your own original brand on it. Bet on the content of your heart, explore 5-star restaurants and hotels, ride the roller coaster or gondolas, shop until you drop, watch a concert, take a helicopter over the Grand Canyon or explore more history on Freemont Street. There is so much to explore in the beautiful city of Las Vegas!

The city center is too far for a cheap taxi ride, and public transportation is often inefficient to take you where you want to go. In addition, return visits require exploration in more remote parts of the city. A rental car in Las Vegas provides freedom, especially if you want to make side trips at your own pace.

You should keep in mind that places with directions about 60 blocks east or west of the Strip are actually less than 10 minutes away by car, provided there is no traffic.



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Rent a car in Los Angeles


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