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Rent a car in Miami: Coral Gables

Rent a car in Miami: Coral Gables



Visit Coral Gables and enjoy the Mediterranean air of a city that mixes the best of two times

The Mediterranean air of the colorful avenues of Coral Gables that abound the lush Renaissance architecture, make it one of the most charming destinations in Miami, touring its incredible locations in the safety and comfort of a rented car will allow you to not lose any detail.

Coral Gables dates from 1920 when George Merrik decided to acquire 4000 hectares of land, where he would design what is today one of the oldest and most avant-garde cities in Miami.

This European style in total convergence with the diverse artistic expressions has made the city an ideal place for those art lovers, who walk its streets full of theaters, museums and art collections that together with majestic gardens and modern buildings allude to the best of two

In a rented car you can know precisely this wonderful city, where you can take a tour of each of the tourist attractions that Coral Gables offers you.


Coral Gables: The perfect balance between vintage and modern

There are still intact relics of when the city was founded, its historic houses and centuries-old trees coexist with modern locations that give that avant-garde and urban touch of a city with great economic boom.

In this sense, the list of activities to be done in Coral Gables is extensive, and it brings together the best of two periods, two styles, as well as being one of the most important employment centers in Miami.

Its nightlife is incessant and daily attracts its own and strangers with the security of spending an endearing night, modern bars and restaurants, in addition to the popular "Happy hour" are the invitation letter suitable for fun lovers.


The most special places of Coral Gables

The list of activities and places to go in Coral Gables is extensive, its beautiful streets are home to more than 140 restaurants, exclusive shops and art centers that guarantee to spend a few hours of recreation and relaxation.

The Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden is the ideal place for nature lovers, it has innumerable species of plants that fill the landscape of colorful palm trees and flowered trees, where you can also see the exhibition of exotic butterflies that fly inside one of its locations.

On the other hand, art lovers are guaranteed a formidable stay, since The Lowe Art Museum opened to the public since 1952 has an incredible collection of more than 17500 objects, this being the most important artistic collection in the area.

An experience that will put you in touch with the city, without a doubt, is to visit the Coral Gables Outdoor Farmers Market, where in addition to having a wide variety of product offerings, you can enjoy recreational activities such as demonstrations, tastings and enjoy of the beautiful local crafts.

The largest freshwater pool in the United States is in Coral Gables, and if you visit the city, you can't stop enjoying it, the Venetian Pool has been open to the public since 1924 and is ideal for family enjoyment, as it has Alternatives for all ages.

Other iconic points of this majestic city are the GableStage where vibrant seasons of theater that are at the international forefront are presented throughout the year.

Enjoy Coral Gables in a rented car and do not miss the central Miracle Mile and its hundreds of shops from end to end or go to the spectacular Matheson Hammock Park and its colorful sunsets that will be engraved on the most beautiful postcards of an unforgettable trip.


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