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looking to discover unusual gems aside from the classic stops suggested by guidebooks. For you in search of the out of the ordinary, we recommend that you set your GPS to 1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, and prepare to enjoy a unique outing of calm and connection to nature, far from the frenetic hustle of Ocean Drive.

South Pointe Park is crossed by pathways of limestone from Florida to either walk along the beach or ride your bike. There’s a miniature aquatic park where young and old can find refreshment in hot weather. There are contemporary art sculptures and fields for playing sports or picnics.

This is also a great place for pets. There’s a dog area and it’s very common to see many dogs and their owners. However there is no perimeter fence so it’s important to keep dogs on leashes so they don’t run away or get lost. To keep the space clean there are many trash receptacles throughout South Pointe Park.

South Pointe Park boasts food stalls and restaurants such as the famous Smithe and Wollensky, located in the center of the park. There’s a dock that allows for spectacular panoramic views of Fisher Island, Biscayne Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can watch cruise ships leaving Miami and numerous boats and yachts.

As night falls, the paths are illuminated by neon towers. The soft breeze, a beautiful sunset, great music, a delicious drink - all of this makes a combination hard to beat!

The park has 2 entrances: one on Washington Avenue and the other is a pedestrian entrance on Ocean Drive. South Pointe Park opens every day at 10 am and closes at 2 am. Those arriving by rental car have metered parking. It’s important to keep in mind that those with physical difficulties can call ahead to arrange for special wheelchairs that can be used on the beach.

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