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6 Advices for visiting casinos in Las Vegas in a rented car

6 Advices for visiting casinos in Las Vegas in a rented car


Every year 40 million tourists visit Las Vegas in search of first level entertainment. The city has a lot to offer for avid audiences of international shows, world-class restaurants, luxury hotels, and of course the adrenaline of the casinos.

Hotels are the epicenter of the game in Las Vegas. The area known as The Strip has the most spectacular casinos: Caesars Palace, The Excalibur Hotel and Casino, The Stratosphere, The MGM, Mirage, The Luxor, Circus Circus  and Mandalay Bay among others.

1. The first thing to know is that you must be 21 or over to enter a casino. A passport is not necessary but you must show some kind of identification from your home country that proves your age. Also, if you plan to pay in cash it’s best to bring dollars rather than try and change currency there since casinos charge a high commission to change money inside the casinos.

2. Those who wish to try their luck but don’t have big budgets should know that the minimum bets in the casinos on the southern part of the Boulevard Las Vegas are higher than those in the middle or in the peripheries of the city. It’s the same with the prices of hotels on The Strip, versus those in the northern part of the Boulevard Las Vegas. In general the hotels of Las Vegas are more expensive on the weekends and much more economical Monday through Thursday, since there are many more tourists on the weekends.

3. Before making a bet in any casino, you must first obtain a Las Vegas Players Club Card. You can get them by going to the reception desk of the casino and filling out a form. The Players Card is free and has a point system for giving you back perks and benefits each time you play. These might be souvenir gifts, free meals, hotel stays, and depending on the amount of bets realized even free plane flights to Las Vegas.

4. Dice, roulette, black jack, poker, slot machines; deciding what machine or table to play our chips depends on our knowledge of the rules of the game and the personality of the player. More social players are inclined toward poker or black jack, those looking for high emotions go towards dice or roulette. And the more conservative or timid players tend toward slot machines.

5. All casinos provide free parking for rental cars of their visitors, and valet parking. It’s quite common to see people drive right up to the door, get out of their rented car and leave the keys and a tip with a valet who will take care of parking so that visitors can get right to enjoying the games. Inside the hotels you’ll see that while waiting or playing waiters come along to offer drinks and refreshments at no cost.

6. It’s important to have a maximum spending limit in mind when you start playing. Casinos are designed to make us keep playing. The ceilings are low to create a feeling of intimacy and coziness, they are designed so that you have to pass through the casino to arrive to the restaurant or guest rooms, there are no clocks or windows so it’s hard to note time passing; the lights, intense noise of the slot machines and even the aromas are all meant to generate a level of adrenaline necessary to keep you betting. So it’s important to remember that a trip to the casino will not convert you into a millionaire. If you keep in mind that it’s just a time to enjoy and have fun you’ll know when it’s best to get back to your rented car knowing that it’s you who beat the casino.

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