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The Orlando International Airport is one of three airports located in the city. It is located 10 miles from downtown Orlando, and it hosts over 55 airlines, offering trips to 80 domestic and 19 international destinations.

Per year, about 40 million visitors come in through The Orlando International Airport, which is the airport with the most traffic in Florida, the 15th busiest in the United States, and number 20 in the world.

The Airport has a terminal divided into two zones: Zone A, to the North, consisting of gates 1 and 2; and Zone B, to the South, with gates 3 through 4. Both areas are connected by the shuttle service, AGT. 

The facilities include a post office, a bank, restaurants, money exchange, fast food, stores, and even a hotel; the Hyatt Regency Orlando International, with a total of 446 rooms.

 The Airport also has three parking areas near the terminal and three others connected to the airport by the shuttle service. Their rates range from 10 to 16 U $.


How to Exit the Airport with a Car Rental


Those who made the booking for car rental online, such as with RentingCarz, should go to Level 1 (Ground Transportation), terminals A and B, using the shuttle system, AGT. Once there, you only need to go up to the car rental company you made the reservation with, and show your voucher with the confirmation number, a driver's license, a credit card and the name on the reservation. It is highly recommended to make reservations in advance as prices that are available online are always much more affordable than those that they offer you at the airport counter. For example, RentingCarz offers special rates for customers from Latin America.


It is also a good idea to ensure that the car rental has a GPS in your language. This will certainly facilitate your departure from the airport and make your stay more comfortable in the city of Orlando. Despite common thought, not all of the amusement parks, shopping malls, restaurants etc., are located in the same area of the city; instead, they are actually distributed across a large, extensive geographic area.


After completing the rental process, you must cross the street from the airport, and in a large building multi-story garage, they will delivery the rental car to you. Once on board the vehicle, you should know that the Orlando International Airport is connected to a vast array of interconnected highways: Interstate 4, which connects you to all of the attractions in Orlando, the 417 (which is an alternative to the Interstate), and highway 192 (Irlo Bronson highway), which also provides access to the Disney Parks. Whatever way you take, turn on the GPS and you will be guided safely to your chosen destination.


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