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Rent a Car Chicago

To fully enjoy your trip, it is best to opt for a car rental. A car gives you autonomy of movement, and with one you can plan your itinerary according to your interests and hobbies.

Chicago is a wonderful city, full of movement, so if we want to avoid crowds, arbitrary changes in tourist routes, or inconveniences with public transportation, then your best option is to opt for a car rental in Chicago.

What to visit in Chicago?

As we mentioned, the best way to get to know Chicago is by hiring a car. You will have the freedom and autonomy to move around and visit the different places that this city offers you to enjoy.

• 360 Chicago

From there, you can have the best view of the city since it is a viewpoint over 300 meters high, and is located in one of the tallest buildings in Chicago, on the 94th floor.
On a clear day, four states can be recognized. One of its most incredible attractions is Tilt, a transparent capsule from which you can see the city.

• Navy Pier

It is an ideal park to visit with the family. The Ferris wheel was renovated in 2019 and is located in a way that it can be seen throughout the city. From there, you can visit the Children's Museum, the botanical garden, and you can also take a boat trip on the river or Lake Michigan.

• Millennium Park

It was built to celebrate the new millennium and is known as Chicago's front yard. It is located between Lake Michigan and the city itself. The best thing is its modern architecture in which the Cloud Gate stands out, which is an impressive bright structure that stands out within the complex.

• Tribune Tower

Unquestionably, this obligatory route is through the skyscrapers of the city. The Tribune Tower is special. The neo-gothic and octagonal building was completed in 1925. Its attraction is that its walls contain built-in parts of monuments such as the Great Pyramid, the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal.

How to rent a car in Chicago?

Renting a car in Chicago is extremely easy, fast, and safe. However, it is recommended that you opt for companies that are well-positioned in the market and have a good reputation. Therefore, with Renting Carz, you can compare between the most important and safe companies.
It is also important to consider certain things that can make the process much easier.

Are there any special requirements to rent a car in Chicago?

In most cases, the requirements to rent a car are the same as in other large cities—a credit card, passport, driver's license, and confirmation voucher. Some rental companies may accept debit cards, however, most do not.

Many people think that they must have an international driver's license or translated qualification, but this is not necessary—you just have to present a current driver's license from your own country. The credit card must also be international, if you come from abroad, since the agency must have a guarantee in case of an accident.

If you have previously hired the service before embarking on the trip, you should check the requirements and information contained in the contract, so that you do not forget any collection, or pending charges regarding the required credit cards, in addition to the driver's license being valid for at least 36 months.

Age restrictions on renting a car

Unlike other places in the world, the minimum age to rent a car in the United States is 21 years, without a maximum age limit. In some cases, a special rate applies to those between 21 and 24 years old. Also, drivers within this age range may be restricted to specific types of cars.

How to get a cheaper car rental in Chicago?

One of the ways to reduce costs when renting a car is to do it in advance. This form of rental allows you to pay less and choose the car that best suits your needs and tastes.

In Chicago, there are many car rental companies with different prices. Some offer very attractive promotional packages, and at RentingCarz we provide you with information on the best offers and allow you to compare them. On the other hand, if you make reservations for a person older than 25 years, the price may drop considerably.

Should I purchase insurance?

As anywhere in the US and other cities around the world, in order to rent a car in Chicago, it is recommended that at least a basic insurance be purchased, covering collisions or theft.
In this section, you can see in detail the types of insurance available for your rental car.

What kind of car should I rent?

The type of car you are going to rent will depend on many factors, including the number of people, the places you are going to visit, your preferences regarding automatic or manual shift, and also the type of comfort you can afford for the price.
In the case of Chicago, you should opt for an automatic car, since it is a city with lots of traffic. If the group is larger than four people, then a six-seater truck is recommended so everyone can travel safely and comfortably.

What should I know about tolls?

If you are determined to visit other cities besides Chicago, you need to know that tolls are an important part of American roads. The toll systems in the United States are automated in such a way to facilitate their payment under any circumstances.

The toll can be paid at normal ticket offices or by express ticket offices. Most agencies place a sticker on the glass of the car window, which is registered in the country's toll system. This method is called Sun Pass, and it means you can go through the toll lane without paying anything.

The Sun Pass is now one of the services offered by the car rental agencies, but you have to pay a supplement that allows you to use the electronic receiver in the rental car.

Safety measures when driving a car in Chicago

It is very important that drivers comply with the safety measures provided by the agencies of that country. Both drivers and their companions must wear a seat belt at all times during transportation.

Another safety measure is not to consume alcohol if you are going to drive, so if you do, you must give the car keys to a person who has not been drinking, who must also be authorized by the car rental agency and must have their documents in order.

In case you are traveling with children under five years of age, it is mandatory that you use a child seat, which must be placed according to the regulations in force according to the age of the child. If the child is under one year old, the seat must be in the back seat, facing the rear of the vehicle. The chair or booster seat must be requested when you sign the contract with the Car Rental Agency.

Travel through Chicago

"The Second City," or "The City of the Winds", as the city of Chicago is known, is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in recent years. It is ideal for those who wish to know more about American culture and those who enjoy the nightlife.
Before traveling to Chicago, the best recommendation we can give you is to search the RentingCarz booking engine and book a car for your time there so that you will be free to move through the city comfortably, especially if you travel with your family. In addition, we will give you some other tips that will be very useful, such as the following:

• The best time to travel to Chicago

You should consider that the best time to travel is between April and October, since in the winter it is very cold and this not not be a very good time to enjoy all the tourist places of the city. Similarly, you should know that in summer the heat can be a bit stifling.

• How much time do I need to visit Chicago?

If your intention is to visit a large number of attractions in Chicago, you can plan for between three and four days. It would be great if you could stay for a week so that you can enjoy the best spaces in the city without being hurried.

• Rent a Car in Chicago

To fully enjoy your experience, it is best to rent a car, but not any car, or with any rental agency. You should always take into account the condition of the vehicle, the specifications of the rental agreement, the agency offers and even its reliability.

• Have a GPS

Whenever we travel, we most likely have a GPS to be able to more quickly locate the address of the sites we want to visit. That way we don't waste time and take more advantage of the rides.

• To leave the airport

If you have just arrived in the city and have not yet requested car rental service in Chicago, you will have to opt for the transport routes available at the same airport.

In this case, you have at your disposal the train, the bus or Uber, which can take you to your hotel, if you wish. You could also choose to take advantage of going directly to the car rental agency so that you will not waste time and you will have a car at your complete disposal from the very start in Chicago.

• Know the essence of Chicago through its gastronomy

Due to the diversity of people from other countries, the cuisine in Chicago is very rich and varied, so it would be great to take a rental car and take a gastronomic tour to enjoy the multiplicity of cultures that lie within a few blocks of the city.

• Acquire a Go Chicago

The Go Chicago is a card that gives you free access to some of the city's attractions and is available in three modes:
1. All-inclusive: it allows entrance to 25 attractions throughout the city.
2. Chicago Explorer Pass: you choose from 3 to 5 attractions, and it is valid for 30 days.
3. Your own pass: you choose from a minimum of 2 of the attractions you want to visit.






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