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Rent a car and visit Downtown, the heart of Miami

Those who have landed at the Miami International Airport with only the beach in mind should know that there’s no part of the city that beats as strongly as Downtown. So put that destination in the GPS of your rental car and set out to feel the vibrant energy that pulses through Miami.

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Visiting the Miami Art Deco District in your rental car

The main street of the Miami Art Deco District is Ocean Drive, known for it’s fabulous ambiance, restaurants, clubs, great variety of exotic characters, and upscale automobiles. Those tourists who find themselves touring the city by rental car can go through the district starting at the extreme southern end of Ocean Drive between 6th and 7th streets

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Visiting Little Haiti in Miami with your rented car

Little Haiti is the home of Haitian culture in the city. Those in rental cars can tour this ethnic neighborhood with african-caribbean roots and enjoy great Haitian music, especially at the corner of NE2nd Ave and NE 55th St.

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South Pointe Park, A Hidden Paradise in your rental car

South Pointe Park is a green space covering 17 acres that many consider to be the most beautiful part of South Beach. This is an ideal destination for travelers touring Miami by rental car.

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Rock lives on in Miami

To begin your musical tour it’s well worth it to get into your rental car and enjoy the city that each year is the epicenter of the principal musical events in the world of music.

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Visiting Ocean Drive in your rented car

If you’re inside your rental car, ready to get to know the heart of the city, a can’t miss detour is a seaside trip that’s become synonymous with Miami. A trip down Ocean Drive is a trip down one of the most iconic a representative parts of the city.

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6 different cars you should rent in Miami depending on your journey

Which is the right car for your vacation? The answer has to do with who’s traveling, a couple, a family with kid? And what do you plan to do in the car?

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6 Advices for visiting casinos in Las Vegas in a rented car

Every year 40 million tourists visit Las Vegas in search of first level entertainment. The city has a lot to offer for avid audiences of international shows, world-class restaurants, luxury hotels, and of course the adrenaline of the casinos.

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