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Driving down Lombard Street in your rental car

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Driving down Lombard Street in your rental car


Passing through San Francisco, California, on the West Coast of the United States, there is a tourist destination that can not missed. It is a globally-recognized, picturesque Street, that is very representative of the city. The most famous section of the Street, located between Russian Hill and Hyde Street, consists of eight incredibly sharp and steep curves, all a part of Lombard Street, the windiest Street in the United States, and probably the world.

For those who have taken out a rental car and are enjoying the city of San Francisco, you should know that the great attraction of this street is driving down it as if it were a roller coaster. Plus, at the beginning of Lombard Street, located in the Presidio Park (the highest point), you can get fantastic views of the city.

Lombard Street, famous for being a place where Vertigo, an Alfred Hicthcock classic, was filmed, is a street with a slope so steep that you must constantly be breaking and going at a slow speed. For those who are in their rental car traveling on holiday during the Spring, you will have an aromatic and fresh ride down the Street, as it is full of roses at that time of year.

It is important to note that this is a Street that receives a lot of visits from tourists. In the fall, you will be accompanied by a caravan of vehicles with drivers from all over the world, with varying degrees of driving skills. So, especially in peak hours, it is important to drive slowly, be patient with the vehicle in front of you, keep a good distance, and not make any sudden stops without using the horn.

It is very common to see many tourists at the end of the trail with their cameras and cell pones, trying to capture the moment of arrival, while many drivers maneuver to avoid hitting the sidewalk with their cars. For anyone who comes in a rental car, we suggest that you rent one with all insurance included, for peace of mind.

Once at the end of the Street, it is recommended that you get out of the rental car and walk up the stairs that lead back to the top of Lombard Street to get a closer view. Then you just have to get back in the car and ride down the fun descent again inside your rental car.

If you leave the rental car parked nearby, it is important to know that the city of San Francisco is very strict with parking hours and restrictions. For this reason, you must pay attention to the signs and ask a traffic cop if you have any doubts, otherwise you risk getting fines that range from US$ 60 onwards.

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