Rent a Car in Mie-Ise-Shima




Mie Prefecture is located next to Aichi Prefecture, approximatory 90 minutes by car. Mie is now known since G7 2016 IseShima Summit was held, as well as famous Ise Jingu, the holiest of all Shinto shrines in Japan. Visit both Geku and Naiku and contact with soul of Japan.
Then, Oharai-machi is must to visit. You can walk from Naiku. There are many shops, restaurants, and souvenir shops. Try Akafuku, mochi!

Drive to Futamiura, Hachiman Kamado, and Kashikojima, then try the freshest seafood those Ama broil and serve for you in a hut. Oh! don't forget to stop by Matsuzaka and eat famous Matsuzaka Beef, some the most expensive and delicious beef in Japan.

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