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Drive Hokkaido

★★★道北 Northern Area(Douhoku)★★★
<<宗谷岬 Soya Misaki(Cape Soya)>>
Japan's northernnost Misaki, and you can see Karafuto on the horizon just 43 km away on fine days.

<<オロロンライン The Ororon Line>> 
The road that runs from Otaru to the horizon of Wakkanai. Known as the mecca for bike riders.

<<旭山動物園 Asahiyama Zoo>>
Japan's father north zoo. Unlike other zoo where you simply enjoy the animals themselves, Asahiyama Zoo exhibits the animals' behaviour. 

★★★道東 Eastern Area(Doutou)★★★
<<知床 Shiretoko>>
The world heritage sites for he irreplaceable value of the peninsula's ecosystem and biodiversity. It is located on the Shiretoko Peninsula. No roads lead further than about three fourths up the peninsula, and the northern tip can only be viewed from boats or be reached on multi day trekking tours.

<<根室、釧路エリア Nemuro, Kushiro Area>>
Nosappu Misaki(Cape Nosappu) is on the easternmost point of Japan where you see the first sun rise in Japan.

<<オンネトー Onneto>>
Akan National Park: Onneto is a lake in the Akan National Park. It changes the color and called as the lake of mystery. 

★★★道央 Central Area (Douou)★★★
<<札幌 Sapporo City>>
Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido. This is gourmet city, you can not miss Sapporo Ramen and Sapporo Beer here. Famous The Sapporo Snow Festival (札幌雪祭り) in Feburary is one of the most popular winter festival in Japan.  Large ice or snow sculptures attract visitors from all over the world.

<<小樽 Otaru City>>
The harbor city with preserved canal area. 

<<神威岬 Kamui Misaki(Cape Kamui)、積丹Shakotan>>
If you drive Hokkaido, the Shakotan Peninsula, beauiful coastline along the Japan Sea, is must to visit. Park your car and be ready for the up and down hiking course about 30 minutes to the edge of the Peninsula.  It is breathtaking view and you will be impressed by deep blue, called "Shakotan Blue".

<<美瑛、富良野 Biei, Funano Area>>
Furano (富良野) and Biei (美瑛) are popular driving and riding course, The Patchwork Road and the Panorama Road, especially in summer when the lavender are in bloom.

<<青い池 Aoiike>>
Located in Biei. You may have seen this beautiful cobalt blue pond as the wallpaper for Apple Inc. 

★★★道南 Southern Area(Dounan)★★★
<<函館 Hakodate>>
Hakodate is known for the spectacular Night Views and delicious fresh seafood at Hakodate Morning Market. 
Goryokaku and Matsumae Castle are beautiful with cherry bloosom in spring.

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