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An Expedition to Monkey Jungle

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An Expedition to Monkey Jungle

Many families who go to Miami on their way to Disney World should not miss Monkey Jungle. It’s a subtropical park founded in 1935 where different species of monkeys live in their natural environments. The 30 acres that make up Monkey Jungle allow visitors very close contact with mire than 300 monkeys that live uncaged on the reserve. As the monkeys move about freely through the park visitors move along in observation cages that permit their safety.

Monkey Jungle is one of the few parks in the United States for the protection of primates in danger of extinction, and it’s the only one open to visitors. Upon entering Monkey Jungle visitors first see macaque monkeys from Java, the species for which the park was founded. Today there are 90 in the park. It’s a very interesting species from southeast Asia who have the capacity to swim, collect crabs and seafood along the river banks and in the mangrove swamps.

Another of the incredible experiences of the park is having contact with orangutans. Hanging with Orangs is an attraction that allows you to witness an orangutan training session. The dynamic relationship between orangutans and their trainers promises spontaneous and unexpected reactions from the animals and children often enjoy this part of the park.

Meeting Cameron the gorilla, the King of the Jungle, is another amazing treat. With three presentations daily (11am 1:15pm, and 3:30pm) this activity helps visitors comprehend how gorillas live in their natural states and how they interact with people.

The park also features a Tropical Amazon Jungle (partly natural, and the only such jungle in North America). In the jungle you can see squirrel monkeys. In January and February female squirrel monkeys get together for baby raising season. Numbering around 125, the squirrel monkeys is the most populous species in the jungle.

Howler Monkey, are also part of the rainforest. It’s howl can be heard from a mile away. This tropical jungle is an excellent place for investigation. Many young scientists and conservationists go to the park to realize studies, many of which garner international attention.

The Black-capped Capuchins is another species you can see at the park. They are considered the most intelligent primates and can be taught to do a great number of tasks on their own such as open doors and put library books away. They are often used as companion animals for people with motor difficulties.

Monkey Jungle is the home of the Wings of Love Foundation, an organization that takes in parrots that cannot be cared for by their owners.


How to get to Monkey Jungle by rental car

To get to Monkey Jungle coming from Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, or from west Dade County by rental car, take the Southern Florida Turnpike and take exit11-SW 216 St. Then drive 4 miles west.
Coming from Miami Beach you can drive your rental car along 836 west of the Florida Turnpike. Then take exit 11- SW 216 St, and drive 4 miles west.
Coming from northeast Miami-Dade you can drive your rental car along 826 S (Palmetto Expressway) to Hwy 874 south east of the Florida Turnpike. Then take exit 11- 216 St, and drive 4 miles west.
Coming from the south of Miami-Dade South by rental car you should take US 1, Old Cutler Rd., or Dixie Highway to SW 216 St, then turn east and continue until crossing SW 147 Ave.


Where to park your rental car at Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle provides free on-site parking.

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