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Driving a rental car in Brazil


Brazil is an enormous country with a huge roadway system composed of around 2 million kilometers of highways. In the principal cities renting a car is a good option for traveling comfortably without depending on public transport, and to get to more inaccessible places. However, driving in Brazil requires certain precautions in order to avoid scares.


Among the chief precautions is to not drive your rental car at night, since not all the highways are in great shape. In addition, in some cases the highways might be transited by wild animals which is dangerous when there is low visibility.


It’s important to respect the speed limit of the country, which is 37 mi/hr in the city and 74 mi/hr on highways and routs. In many cases the speed limit is controlled by radar and cameras. Of course seat belts are obligatory in the entire country.


It’s recommended when driving your rental car that you leave sufficient space between your car and the car in front. In general Brazilians tend to brake suddenly and they often stray out of their lanes. Motorcycles frequently zig-zag among the traffic, so it’s important to drive very carefully.


If you are near beaches, you should know that in Brazil it’s prohibited to drive a rental car in sandals or any shoes that are not attached to the ankle. You are permitted to drive barefoot.


Brazil’s cities have very high traffic and a huge roadway system so it’s a good idea to rent a car with GPS to guarantee safe and quick driving.


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What license do I need to rent a car in Brazil?


Tourists from countries that have reciprocity agreements with Brazil can use their driver’s licenses from their own countries. Otherwise you need an international license. It’s suggested to consult the Brazilian Consulate of your home country to see which license you need.


What is the minimum driving age to rent a car in Brazil?


To rent a car in Brazil you must be at least 18 years old. Drivers who are younger than 25 must pay higher fees than older drivers.


What documentation do I need to rent a car in Brazil?


To rent a car in Brazil you must be of age, have a valid driver’s license which is at least 2 years old, and an international credit card. You might also be asked for a copy of your passport or identification card.

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